M.R.B.I.B Extreme-Pack with over $20,000 of bonuses!

This M.R.B.I.B package has the works!

This package is for those who want to start making money to recover their investment in the shortest possible time. The main feature of this package is the 100 qualified leads that we’ll include, please read more about it below.

As well as receiving the Starter-Pack, the extra Features in the Pro-Pack you’ll also receive the following:

  • 100 Hot Client leads to start your claim process immediately. We’ll do the research, find the money then find the most likely owner of that money, and all this information will be uploaded to your lessannoying crm system so you can start the claims process right away.If for any reason, any of the names that we have provided to you are NOT the money owner, we’ll provide you with a replacement name, for FREE.
  • We’ll design a complete Stationary set for you including, Invoices, With Compliments Slips, Letter Head & Business Cards, all of which will be reviewed and signed off by you once you approve the designs.
  • 250 specially designed and printed business cards.
  • 250 full colour printing of your ‘1st letter” to clients
  • 200 Stamps
  • 200 DL Envelopes
  • A brand new Colour Multifunction Printer including Fax, Scan, Print & Copy functions
  • Your 45+ templates will NOW include your logo and identity information so they are ready to be printed, mailed or emailed.

The Extreme-Pack Investment is just $19,950 and it includes the lot, ready to go.

Remember, you’ll also receive EVERYTHING as shown in the Pro-Pack too! M.R.B.I.B Pro-Pack with over $4,000 of bonuses!
  • A brand new Toshiba Satellite 17” Laptop ($1,300) The laptop will arrive with all the software, data, programs and tools Pre-Loaded so you’re ready to go from day 1
  • An existing 1300 Phone number for your clients to call you on. The monthly connection fee is paid up for a full 12 months!
  • A custom designed website ($2,500)
  • 1 year free domain hosting with Crazy Domains (this is where your website lives, $100pa
  • 2 years free domain name registration ($25pa) You can choose one of ours or pick your own
  • 1 year free registration of your business name with ASIC ($50pa) . You can choose one of ours or pick your own
  • 1 year free subscription to lessannoying crm for your client management ($120pa)
The Extreme-Pack also includes EVERYTHING in the M.R.B.I.B Starter-Pack as outlined here…
  • The Pre-Loaded data onto your 17” laptop which will include all the scripts we used, the mailout letters, the introduction letters, claim letters and everything you’ll need to systematically start & finalise each and every claim.
  • Over 45 Specially designed forms and letters ESSENTIAL to making this business work.
  • 12 month subscription for you (1 user) to use www.lessannoyingcrm.com  This is the job tracking cloud based software we will teach you to use…super easy!
  • All the web links to all of the ‘hidden’ money sites, research sites and data sites that you’re going to need to get cranking.
  • There’s over 10 hours of training videos which will show you how to find the money, find the person, then make the claim. And, if you ask us a question that is not covered by the videos (rare), we will make a new video for you to cover that topic. You’ll find these particularly useful in getting the step by step process going forward. If you simply follow the steps, do what needs to be done, the results will come, we guarantee it! Remember, the more money you find for people, the more you get paid.
  • 12 months FREE support to ensure your success. This includes access to the Creator of the “Money Recovery Business in a Box” system by phone or email and with your permission, we can even log into your computer to see what you need help with. It is in our best interest to see you make money.
  • National database from 2002. Why, we hear you ask? Because many of these claims go back to before the year 2002 and without this disc you would have little chance of finding who owns the money. This software allows you to go back in time to see where John Papadopolis lived in 1999. There’s nothing else available today that could do this for you. That alone cost over $5,000

Money Back Guarantee Conditions:

1. If after 12 months of operating a Money Recovery business in the manner as described in our training videos, you have found & made contact with 60 clients (that’s only 5 clients per month), by mail, phone & email, submitted a claim for each one and don’t have a successful claim, we will refund your original purchase price in full with the additional following conditions…

2. The Laptop is returned to M.R.B.I.B in the same condition as you received it.

3. You must use lessannoying crm to log each and every client you interact with. On these jobs you will upload any document that relates to the claim, you will log all conversations that took place with the client and make any notes that relate to the client. A paper system (eg Exercise book) of keeping track of clients will NOT be acceptable.

4. If a refund is being claimed, we will be entitled to contact any or all of the clients in your CRM (minimum of 60) to verify that you have been in contact with them by mail, phone & email at some stage over the previous 12 months.

5. If a refund is granted, you agree to delete any and ALL external backup data that relates to the Money Recovery Business including all emails, all web links, favourites in your browser and return all printing and stationary that relates to the business.

xxxxx   DO NOT DELETE THE DATA ON THE LAPTOP   xxxxxx. It MUST remain in tact when returned.   xxxxxxx

6. You agree to perform a transfer of the Business name, website, phone number and any other related account to M.R.B.I.B at your expense.

7. This agreement is between M.R.B.I.B and the original buyer ONLY, it is NOT transferable.

Seven days after these simple conditions are met, we will perform a full refund by Direct Deposit into your nominated bank account.

The Complete Business Package!