What’s the M.R.B.I.B Pro-Pack about?

Work Part Time or Full Time From Home

During your working life, you will have a number of choices when it comes to earning income…please choose carefully.

  1. Buy a M.R.B.I.B package 

    Work from home and make your own hours, keep the costs low, it’s not seasonal so it’s very low risk. At an entry level of just $5,950, the M.R.B.I.B Starter-Pack is way cheaper than one of those large LCD TVs.

    Start doing it part time and once you gain momentum, make the switch and then tell the boss what he can do with his job….give it to someone else!

    It’s funny how some people place more value on an item that will be virtually worthless in a year over a business that could secure their family’s future income….we hope you’re NOT one of them :-)

  2. Stay in your job

    Get nowhere fast and run the risk of being sacked or made redundant. Once upon a time, you could say that you had a ‘safe’ job…a job for life, right? These days, nobody is safe from being unemployed.Just look at what’s happened to the Motor Vehicle Industry in this country recently. It’s a disgrace!

  3. Buy a Franchise

    At the bargain basement price of around $50,000 (and up to a million). If you’ve never owned a business before, then buying into a franchise is a good way to run a business because it’s structured and you MUST follow their systems & structures to make money.

    That’s what you’re paying for…a system. Hang on a sec….the M.R.B.I.B System has many of the same benefits and it’s under $6,000!

    The problem is, these Franchise sellers need to make money AFTER you buy into a Franchise so there are ALWAYS ongoing fees and charges. You cannot stray from their plan to do your own thing, and if it’s a 7 day business, guess what?

  4. Buy an established business.

    Generally speaking, it’s hard to find a business that you could do or had an interest in if you’ve never worked in that industry before. Additionally these ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses typically sell for well over a hundred grand.

    Just take a look at some of the business broker’s websites and you’ll quickly see the rubbish being off-loaded for way more than $100,000.We’re always looking for opportunities to expand our income base into some interesting field but who really wants to get up at 4am to deliver papers…7 days a week and pay half a million for the privilege? NOT US!

    And the RISK! Do you really want the pressure and risk of putting your house on the line to take over that business? Did you know that if and when it fails, the bank will still want their money back!There’s a reason why they’re selling it, and it’s not because it’s a cash cow either!

One of the BEST Home Based Businesses Available

This is a fact.

But don’t take our word for it. We’re certain you’ve seen the emails with ‘Business Opportunity of a Lifetime’, haven’t you? Have you tried any of them? We have :-(

They’re everywhere and yep, most are just ridiculous. Some are just from 5 bucks! Having said that, there are one or two other reasonable home based businesses out there but typically, they do require a level of technical skill which generally rules out most people. Such as Battery Reconditioning Business or Printer Cartridge Refills Business.

The downside with these businesses is that you’ve got to continually go hunting for clients in order to keep the business making money.

With one of our M.R.B.I.B packages, the worst thing you’ve got to do every day is contact someone to tell them that you’ve located some of their money (that they probably knew nothing about) and thanks to the numerous Government departments around Australia, they’ll actually help you with the process!

When you’re finished ‘looking around’, please come back and have a chat, we’ll still be here.

Low Cost to Start = Low Risk to You!

Just compare the options:

Who can afford to risk their house on “the opportunity of a lifetime”, which we’re told comes past our face 7 times a day? Nobody we know.

By keeping your entry costs low (cost to buy the business), the pressure is low. This gives you time to work out in your head how you’re going to transition from being an employee, to being your own boss.

With one of our M.R.B.I.B packages, you can go on holidays for as long as you like and ‘pause’ the business. It will still be here ready to go when you get back. Try doing that with a shop.

M.R.B.I.B Starter-Pack $5,950. Potential income is only limited by your work practices.

Jims Mowing Franchise around $50,000 and we often wondered…what do they do in winter?

Subway Franchise is around $150,000 to $250,000 depending on the cost of the store fitout. We don’t think you’ll need a calculator to work out that you’ve got to sell a lot of Subs to make this system work. Also 7 days a week, staff that call in sick, rent always increases bla bla bla.

Boost Juice or Similar in a Westfields. OK, this isn’t fair we know but bear with us for a minute. Anyone can run one of those juice outlets right? Even a 15 year old kid?

So, after you pay the $75,000 to get the business, don’t start the party just yet because it’s probably going to take every opening hour of the 7 day a week trading just to pay Westfields for the rent, staff wages, stock and god forbid there be enough left for a Xmas holiday!

We’re in Newcastle and when we investigated this cute little opportunity (Boost Juice Bar), the rent was $10,000 per month!

That’s a lot of juice to sell…NO THANKS!

The best thing about investing in one of our M.R.B.I.B. packages which start from as low as $5,950, is that we’ll NEVER ask you for a cent again…EVER!

And that’s the way it should be. We’ve never really understood the greed that comes with shopping centres demanding ‘turnover rent’ which means, the more you make, the more rent you pay, wot da!

Same for Franchise setups. In most franchise setups, they typically demand a portion of every dollar you make, in addition to your monthly commitment fees. That’s what they “live on.”

With a M.R.B.I.B. package, whatever you make, you keep.

We reckon You’ve earnt it.

Unheard of Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, you read this correctly.

Have we had to give someone back their money yet…no we haven’t and it’s not because we’re mean. It’s because to-date, all of our clients have had successful claims.

That aside. Try getting your money back from any other business that you may decide to purchase…of any kind, it just won’t happen.

I’ve heard of Franchisors protecting themselves with complicated contracts to ensure that any disgruntled Franchisee has next to no chance of a refund claim.

Look at the recent problems with the Michelles Franchises. It was all over the media recently and it made no difference to the outcome. Hard working people who put their lives on the line, their homes on the line and in many cases worked 7 days a week only to have their business taken from under their feet and resold to some other ‘lucky’ investor.

To see what our refund details are, simply click on one of the 3 packages on the home page and there you will find all of the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

These are the simple conditions…there’s nothing tricky in here.

1. If after 12 months of operating a Money Recovery business in the manner as described in our training videos, you have found & made contact with 60 clients (that’s only 5 clients per month), by mail, phone & email, submitted a claim for each one and don’t have a successful claim, we will refund your original purchase price in full with the additional following conditions…

2. The Laptop is returned to M.R.B.I.B in the same condition as you received it.

3. You must use lessannoying crm to log each and every client you interact with. On these jobs you will upload any document that relates to the claim, you will log all conversations that took place with the client and make any notes that relate to the client. A paper system (eg Exercise book) of keeping track of clients will NOT be acceptable.

4. If a refund is being claimed, we will be entitled to contact any or all of the clients in your CRM (minimum of 60) to verify that you have been in contact with them by mail, phone & email at some stage over the previous 12 months.

5. If a refund is granted, you agree to delete any and ALL external backup data that relates to the Money Recovery Business including all emails, all web links, favourites in your browser and return all printing and stationary that relates to the business.

xxxxx   DO NOT DELETE THE DATA ON THE LAPTOP   xxxxxx. It MUST remain in tact when returned.   xxxxxxx

6. You agree to perform a transfer of the Business name, website, phone number and any other related account to M.R.B.I.B at your expense.

7. This agreement is between M.R.B.I.B and the original buyer ONLY, it is NOT transferable.

Seven days after these simple conditions are met, we will perform a full refund by Direct Deposit into your nominated bank account.

It’s Super Easy with Training Videos and FREE Support

The training is key to this business. It’s key because it’s not only very well detailed but more importantly, it’s simple to follow.

There are over 10 hours of training videos (about 1 hour per video) and it demonstrates the step-by-step process to making your new business work efficiently to make you money. You’ll even receive our specially prepared 50 page colour user guide, in case you needed something to read at bedtime :-)

Each titled video discusses a particular process from start to finish. It’s as if we’re sitting next to you showing you what to click on next, how to search, what to copy/paste, how to download and in fact the entire process.

Our phone training includes scripts on what we would say when we rang clients. You’re going to love these ‘word for word’ examples of how the phone conversations went.

We’re also available to you by phone, email and if you need us to…by directly logging into your computer to sort out any roadblock you may encounter (with your permission of course).

Not that you’ll need it for the entire period, but you get this for a whole 12 months…FREE!

The Training System

Can I Sell My Business Later?

It’s your business, so of course you can.

Think about this. You’ve spent 2 years working in a business that generates income. You’ve built up a good client database with hundreds of ‘work in progress’ jobs.

You own the website, the laptop, the business name, the domain name, the 1300 phone number, the data that you’ve generated, as well as all the usual business related items you needed to make this business profitable.

You’ve put a lot of effort into YOUR business.

And now, you’ve decided to retire so what happens to the Money Recovery Business that you invested in, fine tuned to your specific needs and generated an income out of?

You sell it, that’s what you do with it.

All business owners have this as their final goal….to sell what they have built, as their final payment for their efforts. If you were renting a shop and had a sign over the door “My Unclaimed Money Business”, you’d sell it wouldn’t you? Just because you’re smarter than most and are making an income from home doesn’t devalue your business one little bit.

Remember, you’re selling a fully functional business with business equipment, registered business name, a website, training videos (so you don’t have to train them), a job management system with real ‘work in progress’ and potential income already on the go.

It was a great opportunity for you then, and now it’s a better opportunity for the potential new owner.

No Expensive Stock to Carry

Owning a M.R.B.I.B. package is one of the Lowest Risk Businesses currently available in Australia.

There are very few items you need to keep in stock. Let’s see….stamps, envelopes and maybe some letter heads.

In business, keeping your costs at a minimum is crucial and this includes the Stocking of Product, Tools & Equipment, Consumables and those other expensive bits and pieces most businesses typically require.

One of the great things about our M.R.B.I.B Packages is that you’ll only need a bit of stationary, a printer, an Internet connection and a phone and I’m guessing that you already have Internet & Phone connected?

By the way, the M.R.B.I.B Pro-Pack also comes with a brand new PC that is fully setup and ready to go, from day one!

Sure Frank, but what about the ongoing running costs?

Relax. Typically your morning Latte at the local coffee shop is going to cost you more per day than to run this business. Here’s why…

Realistically, your overheads are minimal.

1. For most people, you’ll already have an Internet connection at home

2. You don’t need to pay rent for an office, work from home in your PJs.

3. No Advertising costs

4. Minimal stationary required.

5. We give you a 17″ PC so all you’ll need is a B & W printer.  (with the Pro-Pack & Extreme-Pack)

6. You might have to buy the $19 Client ASIC report every now and then…BUT, only if you have found a client and they want your help to claim back the money.

7. Stamps & Envelopes

8. A Phone (use your existing phone if you want to)

As you can see, you have found what you have been looking for. If you compare this opportunity to the others listed elsewhere, you’d be crazy to pass this by.

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Do You Want to Run Your Business From Home Too?

Hi and thanks for visiting. My name is Frank Kaslik and a few years ago, my wife was looking for something to do from home because she didn’t really want to go out and get a ‘real job’. This ‘work from home job’ had to be computer based but nothing much harder than using MS Word, simple to do as in ‘follow this system’, easy to operate with minimal fuss, MUST be cheap to start up and therefore ‘low risk’ just in case she either chose not to do it anymore or worse… I’d designed a lousy system.

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